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The speed of integration of the Member’s server systems with TKEY7 depends on the Business Role, the team’s availability, and the complexity of the Member’s existing server systems. For this reason, the timing of integration is individual; according to preliminary estimates, the process takes at least thirty days.

The first step for implementing TKEY7 is that the Member’s team must carefully read the documentation and determine the Business Role. In case of questions and to get advice, the future Member needs to send a list of questions by e-mail at [email protected] from the corporate address of the organization.

After studying the documentation, the Member must send an integration request indicating the Business Role by e-mail [email protected] from the corporate address of the organization. At this step, the TKEY7 team will check the Member for compliance with the internal rules of the system (the exchange of legal documents accompanies this process) and, depending on the Business Role that the Member has defined, the TKEY7 team will connect the Member to a Test Environment to test API calls in a completely isolated environment to familiarize themselves with the business logic of settlements in TKEY7. After that, the TKEY7 integration team will contact the Member’s team to integrate the Member’s server systems with a Staging Environment to simulate transactions in TKEY7 and conduct the final testing stage.

After completing the integration of server systems with TKEY7, the Member must send a request for certification of the integration process by e-mail [email protected] from the corporate address of the organization. At this stage, the TKEY7 team will deploy the Member Services to the Production Environment and perform a quality control check to confirm successful integration. Upon completion of certification, the Member will be granted access to the Web Office to activate the Member in the Production Environment.

Page last updated: 26 November 2022